Chipping Program

Chipping Program



Pitkin County has concluded the pilot program for 2016 that assisted communities and homeowners in reducing wildfire risk by providing a curb-side chipping service.  The Community Chipping Program was provided as a FREE service to participating communities and residents within select Pitkin County areas.  If you are interested in a program like this in the future, please contact your local Fire District.  Contact information for the Fire District's are available by clicking the "Contact" link in the toolbar above.



  1. In order to participate in this program, you must live within a community that has been selected

  2. Participants must register their piles by clicking the link below






  • Piles must be stacked with the cut ends facing the road (see photo)

  • Piles must be within 5 feet of the public roadway, but not touching the road, in drainage ditches or impeding any traffic

  • Maximum number of piles: 3 per property

  • Maximum pile size is 5 feet high x 5 feet deep x 7 feet long

  • Piles that are created using heavy machinery that are very difficult to pull apart to chip will be rejected






Accepted materials include trees, tree branches, small diameter logs and brush (cut away from root mass).

The following restrictions apply:

  • No logs or branches with a diameter greater than 6 inches

  • No construction, building or other man-made materials

  • No lumber, fence posts or signs

  • No roots, rootwads, stumps or anything else that grows below the soil

  • No materials that contain dirt, sand, gravel or rocks

  • No materials that contain any metal (nails, screws, fencing), string or other man-made materials

  • No herbaceous / non-woody plant material



  • All wood chips, resulting from the chipping of your pile(s) will be removed

  • While we understand wood chips make for garden bed material, please do not put wood chips within 30 feet of your home, decks or other structures as they are flammable and will contribute to the wildfire hazard



  1. For 2016, this program is being tested in a few selected neighborhoods/areas.  If you are interested in this program for your area in the future, please email your local Fire District.

  2. If your area was selected for 2016, pre-registration is required, please register your piles by your neighborhood/area registration deadline on our website by clicking the link below



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